How Legal Innovations Affect The Consumer

Fahd Shah
August 19th, 2020

The legal industry and law in general is the practice of providing a service to a consumer or a client. That is the whole basis of the practice and profession. Dealing with lawyers the process of finding one that fits your exact needs is a daunting task. It is an intimidating task for many people when they are first searching for a lawyer, even for something as rudimentary as finding a solicitor when buying or selling a house. Every client has certain expectations when choosing or dealing with a lawyer.

The traditional industry of law and legal practice involved tedious tasks of finding law firms, making phone calls, booking appointments and the clients doing their own due diligence. With legal innovation this process helps the clients an immense amount. The main premise of legal innovation is to make the interactions between lawyers and clients easier and seamless. Dealing with phone calls, fixed times, limited contact due to the nature of busy legal work and booking appointments can only go so far. Introducing legal innovations that ease this system up through the use of websites, client reviews, referrals, and marketing techniques that can essentially showcase a lawyer's skills and expertise makes it a lot easier for the clients to make a decision.

Legal innovation does not only help the lawyers and law firms find new ways of automating and speeding up procedural work. The main impact all these innovations have, is that it frees up the time and energy for lawyers to focus on clients. The more time and dedication that can be given to the clients, the better the attorney-client relationship will be and provide for a far better service.

Furthemore, clients expect a certain level of innovation and advancements in law firms too. When in the process of navigating their options, clients will be more inclined to choose a law firm that offers more in terms of innovation, advancements and overall quality provided to the client. Even when picking a lawyer, clients are more inclined to pick someone that is more available in terms of social media, easily accessible through a website, rather than making phone calls and inquiring. In many client surveys done by various law firms, the most important aspect of innovation for the client was a way to keep updated on their case easily. Meaning they do not want to have constant calls, e-mails or back and forth to stay updated, but rather just have an easy way to view the status of their case. This can be done through an online update-tracker, text reminders or interactive portals/dashboards. Legal innovation is not just to become more efficient in the operation of the law firm, but rather to use it as a selling point to provide top quality service to the clients.

CounselConnect aims to provide a service to help both the lawyer and clients. We make it easy for the client to find an attorney that meets their needs and requirements. For the lawyers we provide an interactive portal where they can organize their schedule, create a social profile, keep up to date on their analytics and have the essential client-relation-management tools to ensure service and quality. Fahd Shah


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