CounselConnect, New Website, New Features and More to Come!

Fahd Shah
May 10, 2020

CounselConnect is a modern and innovative solution to connect people to lawyers, and help lawyers broaden their reach and find more clients. the definition of a mutually beneficial arrangement. The whole system is based around lawyers and firms signing up on the website, and being able to showcase their services for any possible client out there in need for a lawyer. However, this is just the essential and basic function of it.

With the release of the new website, there are a lot more new features offered as well. The most important aspect of the legal industry is the attorney-client relationship. Taking this into account, CounselConnect now offers a feature for client-relation management. This feature allows the attorney to keep up to date on their schedule, maintain and update their social profiles to always inform possible clients of who they are, what they can offer, and most importantly availability. This ensures complete communication between attorneys and clients, to make sure nothing is left unseen. Also, for lawyers there is a feature to track analytics, as we recognize how valuable your time and clients are. This feature allows lawyers to access profile views, connections, and successful cases.

Another new feature are these weekly blog posts. These are specifically implemented to interact and inform. These blog posts will entail and cover any new features or changes made to the platform, but also will include brief and informative pieces of information about a variety of topics regarding the legal industry. These varying topics will be informative and provide something for everyone to read and potentially learn something new. The new blog posts will allow us to interact and essentially publish new information to keep valued users informed, updated, and provide some interesting insights on topics. CounselConnect now also has a fresh new look. We value our users, and decided to redesign the website to give it an updated look. We also enhanced some old features to make sure that the user-experience is fluid and smooth.

Users can now access more information about firms and lawyers, without having to do individual research. Nonetheless, even with multiple new features there are still more features to come in the future. The most essential and important new feature for lawyers is going to be the CPD training portal. CounselConnect is an all inclusive platform for lawyers, and we want to help lawyers on all aspects of their profession. We will act as a medium for those who are eligible and qualified to provide CPD training for lawyers, this way lawyers on our platform can easily access it. If you are eligible and qualified to provide CPD training, please email us. All contact information is listed below. And lastly, there will be a CounselConnect mobile app in the coming future.

There is no better or more efficient way to stay on top of our work than the convenience of your own cell phone. This will be an easy and efficient way to stay on top of your work, ensure communication with clients and keep updated just by simply checking the mobile app. Features will include, checking schedules, maintaining communication with clients, updating your profile, and overall just staying updated. To sum it up into two words, it can be described as; efficient and convenient.
These blogs will be a weekly occurrence on various topics. This blog post was just to inform the users about our new features and what is to come next. Please email us if there are any questions and inquiries, we would love to hear from you!
Fahd Shah


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