Frequently Asked Questions

How does CounselConnect work?
CounselConnect is a novelty platform situated in Ontario that seeks to help lawyers and paralegals fortify the outreach of their legal services. A contemporary function of our platform is to help Ontario residents that need legal assistance find a lawyer that is tailored to them (speak the same language as them, suffice in terms of experience, good ratings, and etc.)
Is CounselConnect in my area?
CounselConnect is available in multiple cities across Ontario with an emphasis on Toronto and Mississauga for our beta. Post-beta, we aim to be operating across Ontario. Contact us to find out if we are accepting law practitioners in your area.
How much does CounselConnect cost?
For the beta, we are free :)! After the beta, the pricing model we integrate is simple and beneficial for you. Clients can connect with law practitioners for free. Meanwhile for legal bodies, they can either be a free user of our services and have access to limited features or be premium users and have access to more features that will help grow their practice.
How is CounselConnect different?
CounselConnect places great emphasis on User Experience and User Interface. You can consider user experience as the “aesthetically pleasing” component of the website - which although would not make a difference to lawyers signing up, goes the extra mile for clients that are searching for a lawyer. User interface is what affects lawyers; it pertains to the functionality of the site and the overall difficulty of its usage.
How fast can I get started on CounselConnect?
CounselConnect reviews law practitioners and law firms applications as soon as possible. It takes up to 24 hours for us to verify your credentials with the OLS. After verification, you can get started on your profile and be ready to receive connections from clients.
How can I reset my CounselConnect password?
Sole Practitioner:
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Law Firms:
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