Covid-19 and Impacts on Legal Industry

Fahd Shah
May 14, 2020

There is no question that covid-19 has had an impact on each and every industry, everyone’s lives, and the aftermath of it will still leave lasting impacts on many industries as well. Many industries will drastically change to equip and prepare themselves to deal with a crisis of this magnitude again, but some industries will completely change due to how covid-19 has impacted them.  The legal industry is an interesting space to be in, from a lens of technology, innovation and face-to-face interaction. In a pandemic where people are told to social distance, self-isolate and overall just stay home, you can imagine that is far from ideal to the legal profession, where they depend on the face-to-face interaction, attorney-client meetings, going to court, and so forth. Working from home as a lawyer can be tricky, as communication and understanding is key, and without that direct interaction miscommunication, misunderstandings and overall errors could be detrimental to both the client and the attorney. 

The legal space has stuck to its roots and traditional methods for a long time, without much technological advancements, marketing, online/social presence in the past years. However, with covid-19, it is forcing many industries to push towards the online space to make it a safer and more viable option to still operate under harsh conditions. Even law schools have resisted online learning, e-learning, and stuck to traditional roots of the classroom and lectures. This pandemic will cause a lot of change in this space, many aspects of the industry will move online, and will have to change and adapt to this, even if it means leaving their traditional ways and roots.

This is where innovation is key. Companies such as CounselConnect. There is no need for a drastic transformation or change of the industry, instead it is the small yet effective way to put many aspects of the legal industry into a convenient, efficient and professional interface This is not to say that face-to-face interaction should be wiped from the industry, because that is critical and very much an essential. The difference is made when lawyers move to an online presence, develop a social profile, have effective tools to manage clients, market themselves and get clientele at the end of the day. Business needs to continue, whether there is a pandemic or not. It is just how the industry and businesses adapt. A lot of the initial inquiries, introductory meetings and curiosity that clients hold when seeking an attorney can be moved to a safe, convenient and simple online interface such as CounselConnect. This is the time for lawyers and firms to adapt, and progress their practices on an online platform. Sign up today for free

Overall, the impact on the legal industry will be prominent and change will occur in many ways. How do you think the current situation affects the legal industry, if at all? Please let us know!

Fahd Shah


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