Importance of Referral Systems 

Fahd Shah
May 27, 2020

In the legal industry, clients are everything. Lawyers need to be open to a variety of clients and make sure that new clients are always coming in for business. The top priority is on the service provided by the lawyers, which ensures that the current client will be a gateway to future clients. Referrals have always been the most effective way to secure clients in the legal industry. However, how does one utilize referrals to its full effectiveness? Referral systems are essentially a marketing tool for lawyers, hence need to be used correctly. Most of the times, referrals might just be word-to-mouth from a client to another possible client, but this can only be effective to a certain extent. And other forms of marketing, such as posters, billboards, advertisements are often overlooked by the vast majority. So the question is, why is a referral system so crucial, and how to properly utilize it? Referral systems are crucial due to the nature of the legal profession. People want top quality service, professionalism and respect.

Building a strong and vast referral system shows people that a lawyer is trusted, respected and distinguished, this is what attracts future clients. There are many ways to build a referral system. Lawyers can use social platforms to build their profile and showcase what they can offer. They can promote themselves in ways of ads, client reviews and such. Develop an easy and convenient way for clients to contact you and be responded to in a timely fashion. There are many referral systems and websites already in place, though a lot of the systems already out there are old, dated, and not welcoming to a new user. Maintaining a professional image, while maintaining a social profile, various methods of self-promotion, and still being easy to contact can be time-consuming and tedious if not done in a systematic and orderly fashion. There is a lack of innovation and development in the legal industry, especially around referral systems, where most websites look like a simple directory, or just a monotonous archive.

Systems like CounselConnect are here to change that and make it more convenient for the lawyers to build a professional, and efficient referral system. CounselConnect offers all aspects of an effective referral system, such as a social profile that can be viewed by clients that showcases performance, reviews, success and so forth. It offers dashboard analytics for the lawyer to see what kind of engagement their profile is getting. It also offers means of communication, ways to schedule meetings and overall ensure client satisfaction. It takes all the necessary steps to make an all inclusive system for lawyers to have access to a modern, innovative and professional referral system. It cuts out the need for promoting through means of billboards, advertisements and various other methods by simplifying it all into one system.

CounselConnect strives for effectiveness, convenience and satisfaction, just as lawyers prioritize their clients. Sign up today

Fahd Shah


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