Top 5 Ways to be More Appealing to Clients

Fahd Shah
June 1st, 2020

The legal industry is competitive in nature. Each lawyer wants to be seen as the best in their profession, wants to attract top clients, and top cases. However, it can be very demanding at times to stay on top of your profession whilst still taking the necessary steps to market yourself and portray an image that is appealing to future clients. The goal is to cut down the initial inquiries and questions clients may have during the first interactions. The more information and details the clients can figure out at a first glance; this can determine how appealing a lawyer seems to clients. These are 5 ways to seem more appealing to clients. 

Firstly, create a professional image and presence. Clients want to see how much effort a lawyer puts into their image and social presence. This is many times the first impression a client has, and can be a deal breaker. Maintaining a sophisticated and professional image is crucial. Many law firms and lawyers have websites, however only a select few of them are well-maintained and polished. Also, many of the referral websites are often out-dated. Lawyers should definitely have a social presence and image, but not sacrifice on quality. This can be avoided by creating a profile on professional websites such as CounselConnect

Secondly, ensure that the information put online, and the content provided is of substance, and actual quality work. This shows effort and hard-work put into providing for the clients. Oftentimes, content put on websites may seem futile, however it showcases the extra effort put into ensuring that the client has sufficient information to rely on whilst doing their initial inquiry. 

Thirdly, maintain a well-rounded social profile. Clients are trusting lawyers with a substantial and crucial task, they want to feel confident and comfortable with whomever they choose. A social profile should include qualifications, notable moments, awards/achievements, and prominent cases, but it should also include details that a client would appreciate. A social profile should also include your availability, and an easy method of contact. Time is valuable for both the client and the lawyer, including this information into your social profile makes it easy for the client to contact, without wasting time.  Fourthly, have references. References from former clients can provide a peace of mind for any future clients. This provides a level of trust and confidence initially. It is a strong validation of why a client should trust and choose a certain lawyer. This often weighs in heavily in the clients decision. 

Lastly, client-relation management is crucial. Taking care of existing clients is essential, as their references can lead to many future clients. Lawyers should utilize systems where they can handle this aspect easily and stay on top of their work. As mentioned before, a social profile can help immensely to ensure client-relation management. A system of analytics should also be utilized to know how many possible clients are viewing a social profile, and how many of those are actually inquiring or setting up a meeting. This can help lawyers improve and maximize their reach, and use the analytics to improve. 

Fahd Shah


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